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CentraSep® Centrifuges is Announced as Advanced Separation Technologies’ New Centrifugal Separation Division

Advanced Separation Technologies (AST) has announced CentraSep® Centrifuges as an official division of the company. This new division is focused solely on centrifugal separation and filtration products and services. The CentraSep centrifuge is well known in the industry and is the primary product for AST. Many customers, suppliers, and industry professionals already refer to AST as “CentraSep.” Creating CentraSep Centrifuges as a division aligns it more closely with the longstanding image of the company. Establishing this division allows the CentraSep brand to stand on its own, as it has unofficially for many years, and it also allows the parent company, AST, to add additional filtration and separation products and services in the future. AST’s President and one of the founders, Jeff Beattey, stated, “We’re excited to make this change to allow the CentraSep Centrifuges division to further build on the brand name and to eliminate any potential confusion due to the corporate nuances of name and ownership changes as a result of our 32 years in business.”

Along with the announcement of this new division, a new website has been launched specifically for CentraSep Centrifuges. This new, content-rich website is easier to navigate, so customers and prospects can quickly find what they are looking for. In addition, there is more content on this site, allowing visitors to learn much more about the CentraSep centrifuge design, technology and process, as well as its features and benefits. Also, this is an advanced, responsive site that is coded in a manner that allows it to automatically scale for viewing on all sizes and types of mobile devices.

The original company started as Midwest Engineered Products (Midwest), founded in 1982 by Jim and Jeff Beattey, as a distributor for filtration and separation equipment, including a line of centrifuges. After thoroughly understanding customer’s frustrations with the problems and maintenance issues that plagued centrifuges, Midwest, with a clean sheet of paper, designed and manufactured the CentraSep centrifuge in late 1997 as a more reliable and effective alternative. The CentraSep centrifuge was based on a unique and revolutionary streamlined design, and it became an immediate success. The CentraSep patented design proved that centrifuges could be extremely reliable and operate for many years with very little maintenance. According to Beattey, “Our customers know the value of a CentraSep centrifuge is in its simplicity, reliability, durability and efficiency, all of which have stood the test of time. In fact, the first production machine is still in operation today and that customer has installed seven additional units over the years, as far away as China. Their eighth machine will be placed in service later in 2014. We’re extremely proud of our product, our customer care, and the relationships we’ve built over the years, as well as our approach to the market, which has defined our success.”

After achieving great success with the CentraSep centrifuge and looking to pursue other interests, at one point, Beattey sold Midwest and the CentraSep brand to a private equity firm that he expected to carry on the tradition and reputation established over his many years of leadership. Unfortunately, their management team had some trouble understanding the unique demands of the centrifugal separation industry. Beattey stepped in and repurchased the company. With that purchase, Advanced Separation Technologies (AST) became the new official name of the organization and the CentraSep centrifuge remained as the company’s flagship product. Beattey re-entered the industry with a renewed motivation to the CentraSep brand and he recently felt that it was time to establish CentraSep Centrifuges as its own entity. Along with a revision and updating of the company logo, the CentraSep Centrifuges website and literature are also being redeveloped to reflect the establishment of this division and its mission. All management, sales and customer support contacts and phone numbers remain the same.

About CentraSep Centrifuges

CentraSep Centrifuges’ primary product is, as the name implies, the innovative CentraSep centrifuge, which is based on a unique, streamlined design that has been proven to eliminate common centrifuge problems and minimize maintenance, while maximizing effectiveness. CentraSep centrifuges are designed for separating liquids and solids in a diverse range of applications, such as glass grinding coolant filtration and recycling, paint booth water wash filtration, wire drawing coolant filtration, and many more. CentraSep centrifuges have a standard 316 Stainless Steel construction, fully automatic operation, no consumable media, a low operating cost, the lowest maintenance in the industry, and an optional Lifetime Warranty. These features and a solid reputation have resulted in extensive North American and International sales and installations.

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