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Alternative Filtration Systems

About Centrifugal Filtration & CentraSep®

What is centrifugal filtration / centrifugation?
A highly accelerated form of sedimentation, centrifugation is a process used to separate or concentrate materials suspended in a liquid medium. Centrifugation uses gravity and centrifugal force to separate particles heavier than the liquid medium. Centrifuges spin the material at high rotation speeds and separate the particulate from the liquid. Centrifugal force can reach many thousand times that of gravity, quickly separating the liquid/solid material, sometimes even to the nano-particle level.
Is centrifugal filtration a form of sedimentation?
Centrifugation is an accelerated form of sedimentation. Most traditional filtration methods use a filter media to remove particles. As the liquid/solid material passes through the filter, the solid material is collected and removed. With sedimentation, solid particles that are heavier than the liquid eventually, separate, and can be collected. There is no disposable filter media in the centrifugation process.
Why should I choose CentraSep over other separation and filtration methods?
CentraSep is the cleanest system available to separate liquids from solids and offers superior filtration. Depending on the specific application, CentraSep can offer many advantages over other filtration and separation methods. CentraSep:

  • Uses no consumables, such as bags, cartridges and filter paper
  • Operates 24/7 without operator intervention
  • Improves product quality
  • Prolongs tooling life
  • Extends the life of process fluid
  • Reduces disposal volume and associated costs
  • Smaller footprint than settling tanks, some filter presses or dragouts
  • Discharges solids automatically
  • Offers an environmentally sound solution
What is the CentraSep separation process?
Generally, the CentraSep process can be described as follows: the liquid/solid mixture is pumped into the centrifuge. Centrifugal force extracts solids and packs them to the bowl wall. The bowl is scraped and the particulate is extracted. The entire operation is automated, requiring no operator attendance.
For which applications and industries is CentraSep the best choice?
For a detailed list of applications and industries, see our home page. CentraSep has applications in a wide variety of industries-in general, any industry that requires separation of a liquid/solid mixture or recovery of a solid may benefit from the centrifugation process.
Is an industrial centrifuge the same as hydrocyclone?
The capabilities of a hydrocyclone are often confused with the capabilities of a centrifuge. A hydrocyclone does separate liquids from solids through centrifugation. It is typically hydraulically driven, which means the fluid is turning the apparatus. A hydrocyclone has no motor or moving parts and is not nearly as efficient as a centrifuge in separating liquids from solids.
Are all industrial centrifuges the same?
No, definitely not. Traditionally centrifuges have been plagued by reliability and durability issues. CentraSep has overcome these issues with its one of a kind design. CentraSep is the ONLY single-motor, vertical, self-discharging, automatic centrifuge. CentraSep features a proprietary, patented design-a high-speed solid/liquid industrial centrifugal separator. CentraSep combines an innovative bowl/blade clutch design with a single AC motor and variable frequency drive to automatically extract particulate from virtually any liquid. CentraSep is able to remove up to four times the quantity of fines that traditional centrifuges filter out and is able to extend the fluid life for any given process exponentially. And CentraSep is the only centrifuge that comes standard where every component that comes in contact with process fluid is 316 stainless steel.
Why is it important that all the working parts of an industrial centrifuge are made out of stainless steel?
Because process fluids change. CentraSep is built standard to accept virtually any process fluid thrown at it. CentraSep' unique design and efficiency features have made it the most reliable and durable, high-performance, fully automatic centrifuge available today. All working components are composed of 316 stainless steel to allow the centrifuge to process a great number of acidic and caustic fluids safely and reliably.
Why is CentraSep's warranty the best in the industry?
No other company offers the warranty CentraSep does. In addition to a one-year parts and labor warranty, we responsively service your unit on-site. Our warranty is renewable for a life-time. We replace the rotor sub-assembly each year the unit is under warranty, train any new operators, and fine-tune the machine to ensure optimal performance.
Why does CentraSep recommend the replacement of the rotor sub-assembly to extend the warranty?
CentraSep is committed to ensuring optimal performance from each CentraSep unit. As part of the warranty, we come out once a year and replace the rotor sub-assembly. We do this to ensure that your machine continues to run at peak efficiency levels and the exchange takes only 10 minutes. No other company offers this preventive maintenance service; no other company goes to such lengths to make sure your centrifuge continues to offer you uninterrupted service, 24x7x365.

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