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Metal Polishing Coolant

Metal polishing is done to clean, smooth out and bring a shine to the surface of metal parts and components. When metal polishing is performed, a coolant is used to keep the polishing tools cool and to flush away debris. This metal polishing coolant builds up a sediment from the polishing process that contaminates the coolant and negatively impacts production. CentraSep® is the proven leader in metal polishing coolant filtration and separation. Since 1981, CentraSep has specialized in solving problems through application engineering. This problem-solving approach is very evident in our polishing coolant filtration systems, which were developed after listening to customer challenges and needs regarding the maintenance of their metal polishing coolant. CentraSep can offer you savings in labor expenses, filter media purchasing, inventory and disposal fees, and water replacement costs.

Metal polishing with coolant

Contact us today to see how CentraSep can help you with your metal polishing coolant filtration and separation needs.

Benefits of CentraSep Metal Polishing Coolant Filtration System:

  • Maximized fluid life
  • Reduced waste stream
  • Reduced pollution and environment impact
  • No disposal media paper
  • Fully automatic system
  • Lowest Maintenance in the Industry
  • Low Operating Costs / Media-Free
  • Standard 316 stainless steel construction
  • Capable of solids separation to the single micron
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY option available

CentraSep is more than a centrifuge manufacturer; we are a Filtration Engineering Solutions Company.

Talk to one of our Engineers today to see how we can help with your metal polishing coolant filtration and separation needs.

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