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Aluminum Wire Drawing Coolant

Aluminum wire drawing coolant is used during the manufacturing process that forms aluminum work stock by reducing its cross section. This is accomplished by forcing the aluminum wire through a die. This process requires a lubricant or coolant to protect the die and make it a smoother process. Aluminum wire drawing coolant often requires filtration / separation to increase the life of the fluid and maximize the quality.

Aluminum wire drawing sludge

CentraSep® offers an aluminum wire drawing coolant filtration system that drastically reduces the regular maintenance needed for aluminum wire drawing systems. By properly filtering and separating aluminum wire drawing coolant, you can ensure a smooth process, maintain excellent die life, lower die temperatures, and better wire feeding, while making your production more dependable by eliminating downtime. You will also maximize the life of your wire drawing coolant. CentraSep actually has a customer that has not changed their wire drawing coolant in 10 years.

While the competitive landscape of the aluminum wire drawing industry continues to change, an effective aluminum wire drawing coolant filtration and separation solution can dramatically and positively impact your bottom line. Our experienced and dedicated team of engineers, technicians and manufacturing personnel understand the aluminum wire drawing industry and how the proper coolant filtration affects production and efficiency. Our team will work with your team to develop a process improvement centrifuge solution that decreases your costs and increases your profit.

CentraSep is the proven leader in aluminum wire drawing coolant filtration and can offer you savings in labor expenses, filter media purchasing, inventory and disposal fees, and coolant replacement costs. Having the ability to separate aluminum particles from wire drawing coolant, not only helps reduce disposal costs but offers customers a return on their filtered material. Contact us today to see how CentraSep can help you with your aluminum wire drawing coolant filtration and separation application.

Benefits of the CentraSep Aluminum Wire Drawing Coolant Filtration System:

  • No Disposable Media Paper
  • Fully Automatic System
  • Lowest Maintenance in the Industry
  • Reduced Labor
  • Extended Fluid Life
  • Maintain Excellent Finish
  • Maintain Excellent Die Life
  • Maintain Lower Die Temperatures
  • Reduced Pollution and Environmental Impact
  • Standard 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Solid Separation to the Single Micron Capabilities
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY option available

CentraSep is more than a centrifuge manufacturer; we are a Filtration Engineering Solutions Company.

Talk to one of our Engineers today to see how we can help with your aluminum wire drawing coolant filtration and separation needs.

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