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Wire Drawing Case Study

A manufacturer of electrical cable, located in Alabama, was experiencing problems with its filtration system. The clarity the filter unit was putting out was not sufficient to meet the company’s needs. This manufacturer needed finer filtration and, at the same time, wanted to eliminate the labor and disposal costs associated with paper media as well. They wanted to replace their entire system with a media-free filter system that was capable of producing cleaner oil.

A sister company, located in Georgia, had already employed three CentraSep units for five years. Based on the reliability and performance their sister company achieved, they decided to look closely at CentraSep.

One of the benefits of CentraSep is the ability to modify it to perform in a multitude of environments and configurations. We supplied the company with a CentraSep system that did not require major modifications of its current setup. The paper media filter system was processing a clean and a dirty tank. CentraSep was able to replace the filter unit itself and integrate with the existing system. This saved the company considerable resources because it did not require major construction and a major investment in ancillary equipment. This solution totally eliminated the paper media filtration system. The company experienced savings in labor expenses, filter media purchasing, inventory and disposal, and savings in oil replacement. For 2 years, the CentraSep system has positively affected this company’s bottom-line profits.

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