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Glass Grinding Swarf

It is very important for glass fabricators to have an effective glass grinding swarf filtration and separation system. Glass grinding swarf can wreak havoc on glass fabrication equipment, causing increased maintenance costs, unplanned downtime, decreased production, and decreased equipment life. Not only does glass grinding swarf cause excessive wear on moving parts, but it can settle throughout your fabrication and processing system and over time completely clog pipes. Thus, glass grinding swarf must be filtered and separated out of the grinding coolant.

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Glass grind sludge

Settling tanks, cartridge type filters, indexing paper, or a filter press are some older ways of filtering glass grinding swarf from the coolant. These systems are costly to operate, and generate additional labor costs and waste streams and expenses that can be greater problems than the solids alone. Centrifugal filtration and separation is the most efficient and cost-effective method to separate glass grinding swarf from the coolant.

CentraSep® offers a glass grinding swarf filtration system that greatly reduces the regular maintenance needed for typical glass grinding swarf removal processes. By properly filtering and separating glass grinding swarf, you can produce predictable grinding wheel / belt / drill life, as well as superior edge quality, and maintain a dependable production output by eliminating downtime.

CentraSep installed their first glass swarf / glass grinding coolant filtration and separation centrifuge in 2000 on a glass grinding line. Since that time, CentraSep has become the preferred solution for filtering and separating all types of glass grinding coolant and is considered part of the “Best Practices” of the leading glass fabrication facilities across the globe. Today, CentraSep has glass grinding coolant filtration and separation systems in 18 countries, and offers custom turnkey glass grinding coolant filtration systems for rapid installation, that deliver simplicity, performance and reliability unrivaled in the filtration and separation industry.

While the competitive landscape of the glass manufacturing industry continues to change, an effective glass grinding swarf filtration and separation solution can provide a competitive advantage and dramatically and positively impact your bottom line. Our experienced and dedicated team of engineers, technicians and manufacturing personnel understand the glass grinding swarf filtration and separation industry, and they will work with your team to develop a process improvement centrifuge solution that decreases your costs and increases your profit.

CentraSep is the proven leader in glass grinding swarf filtration. Since 1981, CentraSep has specialized in solving problems through application engineering. Nowhere is this problem-solving approach more apparent than with our centrifuge systems, which were created after listening to customer challenges and needs in the filtration, separation, and maintenance issues involving their glass grinding swarf. CentraSep can offer you savings in labor expenses, filter media purchasing, inventory and disposal costs, and coolant replacement. Contact us today to see how CentraSep can help you with your glass grinding swarf filtration application.

Benefits of the CentraSep Glass Grinding Swarf Filtration System include:

  • Reduced Coolant Consumption and Increased Coolant Life (up to 800% longer)
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Standard 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Increased Line Speed
  • Extended Wheel Life
  • Extended Drill Life
  • Superior and Consistent Edge Quality
  • No damaging Flocculent or complicated chemistry required
  • Low Energy Requirement
  • Lowest Maintenance in the Industry
  • Reduced Pollution and Environment Impact
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY option available

CentraSep is more than a centrifuge manufacturer; we are a Filtration Engineering Solutions Company.

Talk to one of our Engineers today to see how we can help with your glass grinding swarf filtration and separation needs.

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