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CentraSep® Advantages

No other centrifuge machine matches the CentraSep centrifuge for durability, reliability, performance and workmanship. The CentraSep's superiority has been proven in the most demanding applications, in hundreds of installations in countries throughout the world.

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Depending on your application, your company may experience the following benefits:

  1. Superior filtration, capable of removing a broad range of particulate. The CentraSep centrifuge generates centrifugal force as high as 2,012 times the force of gravity. Such high centrifugal force can remove even sub-micron particles from some process fluids. Unlike conventional filtration using disposable media, CentraSep does not add volume to your waste stream.
  2. Extends the life of process fluid. Removing fine particulate outside the ability of traditional filtration results in cleaner fluid. CentraSep extends fluid life, without removing the fats and oils essential to lubrication in coolant applications. More efficient filtration makes your process fluids more productive, reducing replacement and disposal costs.
  3. In certain applications, coolant life has been extended by 800 percent!
  4. Reduces disposal treatment costs. More efficient filtration and separation means less waste and lower overall disposal costs.
  5. Reduces abrasion for longer tooling life. Greater fluid clarification of metalworking lubricants results in lower friction between tool and work surfaces, prolonging tooling life and providing a superior surface finish.
  6. Improves process and product quality. Both the process and the end product quality are positively affected by the CentraSep's efficient design. The cleaner the fluid, the lower the production defect rate.
  7. Durable, high-performance machine. CentraSep was designed for easy, automatic operation, step after step, cycle after cycle. The CentraSep centrifuge incorporates cutting-edge variable frequency drive technology for optimal performance and worry-free operations.
  8. Performs without constant employee supervision. The CentraSep centrifuge runs unattended, discharging accumulated solids automatically. Our advanced PLC (Programmable Logic Control) programming enables continuously self-monitored process performance.
  9. Discharges solids automatically. At the end of the cleaning cycle, the CentraSep discharges packed collected solids, requiring no manual labor or filter media.
  10. Ensures clean operation. The no-drip housing design keeps the floor and solids receptacle dry.
  11. Environmentally friendly solution; no consumable media required. The CentraSep centrifuge creates no disposable media waste at all. With CentraSep, there is no filter media to throw away and no filter media to clean. Because CentraSep reduces the waste to its smallest possible volume, there is less overall waste.
  12. Features a proprietary, patented design. CentraSep is a truly revolutionary system that features a single motor and positive locking clutch design. The positive locking clutch synchronizes the rotation speed of the dirty fluid with the rotation speed of the bowl, ensuring efficient accumulation of solids. This eliminates slippage and maximizes the impact of the centrifugal force.
  13. Ensures high reliability and low maintenance downtime. The CentraSep centrifuge is smart and self-adjusting, continually processing a variety of information via our variable frequency drive and our PLC to continually maximize performance.
  14. Features the best warranty in the business. We offer the best warranty in the business-period! No fine print. No components of our machine excluded from coverage.
    • The CentraSep system comes with a one-year, parts and labor warranty.
    • If the unit needs service, we will be on-site at your plant usually within 48 hours!
    • Our warranty is renewable annually for a lifetime. As part of the warranty, we come out at the end of each warranty period and replace the rotor sub-assembly. We do this to ensure that your machine continues to run at the highest efficiency level.
    • We update the PLC to the latest standards.
    • We train any new operators you have and fine-tune the machine to ensure optimal performance.

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