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Wastewater Sludge

Wastewater sludge filtration, separation and treatment systems can be custom engineered and integrated into your process to remove solid waste. Choosing the correct wastewater sludge filtration or treatment system that is right for you and your process is vital for maximum efficiency and to not add operating costs.

Wastewater treatment aeration basin with pipe in foreground

CentraSep Technologies can help all types of wastewater sludge filtration, separation and treatment applications. We are a proven world leader in wastewater sludge filtration and treatment. We specialize in solving problems through application engineering. A CentraSep Technologies sludge filtration and treatment system drastically reduces the regular maintenance typically needed with systems of this type. By properly filtering and separating wastewater sludge from your process fluid, you can maintain cleaner fluid, reduce the need for purging, and maintain dependable production or operations by eliminating manufacturing downtime and/or maximizing processing time.

CentraSep Technologies installed our first wastewater sludge filtration and treatment system in 1999. Since that time, CentraSep Technologies has become the preferred solution for sludge filtering and separation, and is considered part of the “Best Practices” for facilities around the globe that require wastewater sludge treatment.

Contact us today to see how CentraSep Technologies can help you with your wastewater sludge filtration, separation and treatment application.

Benefits of the CentraSep Technologies Wastewater Sludge Filtration and Treatment System:

  • No disposal media paper
  • Fully automatic system
  • Lowest maintenance in the industry
  • Reduced labor
  • Maximized fluid life
  • Reduced pollution and environmental impact
  • Solid separation to the single micron capabilities
  • Standard 316 stainless steel construction
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY option available

CentraSep Technologies is more than a centrifuge manufacturer; we are a Filtration Engineering Solutions Company.

Talk to one of our Engineers today to see how we can help with your wastewater sludge filtration and treatment needs.

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