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The original CentraSep liquid-solid centrifuge is the gold standard for industrial centrifuges and separators, and now there is an additional model and a line of CentraSep products for an even wider variety of applications. Trucent covers every aspect of industrial fluid filtration and separation. Whether coolant, oil, water, or other industrial fluids, we have the centrifuges, decanters, separators, cleaners, filters, dehydrators, skimmers, reclamation systems, and more to provide the solutions you need. We also offer rental equipment, handle fluid management services, and have a well-equipped lab for testing.


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CentraSep centrifuges have revolutionized fluid filtration and separation in applications requiring clarified process fluid and/or recycled fluid. The CentraSep® centrifuge offers a unique design, efficiency features and patented centrifugation technology. These advantages are the keys to making this industrial centrifuge the superior system available, and one that saves money and increases bottom line profits. The CentraSep centrifuge offers such benefits as:

  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Standard 316 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Lowest Maintenance in the Industry
  • Low Operating Costs/Media-Free
  • Maximized Tool and Fluid Life
  • Reduced Waste Stream/Recyclable Waste
  • Lifetime Warranty Available
  • Extensive International Installations

Since 1981, the team behind the CentraSep has been an innovator in industrial centrifuges, separation and filtration, environmental products and fluid management services. With their patented CentraSep centrifuge technology, they have proven results in the most demanding situations throughout a wide range of industrial, commercial and institutional applications. In 2019, Michigan-based Trucent, LLC, acquired the company and the CentraSep product line, and Trucent has continued to build on that great reputation by investing in additional resources, people and facilities.

CentraSep is more than a centrifuge. It represents the experience, innovativeness, and commitment of a comprehensive Filtration Company with multiple Engineered Solutions.

Talk to one of Trucent’s Engineers today to see how we can help with your centrifuge, filtration and separation needs.

CentraSep News

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A transmission manufacturer was dumping 30,000 gallons of coolant each month due to tramp oil and particulate contamination, which was also creating a surface finish issue. Trucent employed its Purification Service Program to reduce tramp oil and insolubles. This resulted in an annual savings of $200,000 from not needing to dump the coolant, as well […]

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Case Studies

Automobile Blank Wash Case Study

Challenge A major Japanese automaker was unhappy with their current filtration systems. One system was a pressurized media filter unit that was not getting the process oil clean enough and was generating high disposal costs because of heavy, oil-laden filter paper. ...

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