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Automobile Blank Wash Case Study

A major Japanese automaker was unhappy with their current filtration systems. One system was a pressurized media filter unit that was not getting the process oil clean enough and was generating high disposal costs because of heavy, oil-laden filter paper. Floor space was also an issue with this system as the pressure filters were requiring a great deal of floor space. Another filtration option that was not meeting their needs was a small turbine-driven centrifuge. This centrifuge required manual cleanout of the solids, incurring downtime and significant labor costs. Another concern with this system was that the turbines were generating heat and increasing the temperature of the oil.

Neither of these current filtration systems were meeting the company’s needs, and the automaker wanted to replace them with a system that totally automated their process, resulted in cleaner oil, and eliminated disposable paper media. After evaluating several filtration systems, the company chose CentraSep. We installed a CentraSep system that was able to achieve their major objectives, providing a totally automated system that eliminated the paper media and prolonged the life of the process oil.

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