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Keeping It Clean

A Filtration System Improves Process/Operating Costs for MetoKote

Source: CoilWorld

Innovation has brought the automobile assembly line a long way since the days of Henry Ford. While the basic concept remains the same these days, automobile manufacturers have further …

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Keeping E-Coat Clean

Centrifugal filtration improves process and reduces operating costs
Source: Products Finishing Magazine

Lima, Ohio – December 1, 2006 – MetoKote Corp. operates dozens of plants around the world to provide electrocoating, powder coating, liquid paint and other finishing services to …

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Job Growth in Indy Comes in Small Doses

Newer businesses fuel metro’s employment surge

Source: IndyStar.com

Indianapolis, Ind. – November 29, 2006 – Jeffrey Beattey could have sold the family firm, bought the big boat, retired to a life on the water in Florida.

More than one Indianapolis …

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Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan Acknowledges the Competitive Advantage of CentraSep’s Exceptional Solid/Liquid Separation Solution
Palo Alto, Calif. August 30, 2006 Frost & Sullivan selected CentraSep Technologies as the recipient of the 2006 Product Differentiation Innovation Award in the North American industrial …

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Hammond Kennedy Whitney Buys Centrifuge Maker

Investment allows Midwest Engineered Products to expand sales and marketing

Indianapolis, IN – November 14, 2005 – Sometimes, a profitable product isn’t enough to sustain a company’s growth. That’s what financial partners are for. Consider Midwest Engineered Products Corp. Founded …

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Precoat’s Zinc Phosphate Sludge Removal

Source: CoilWorld.com

Houston, Texas – November 1, 2004 – Precoat Metals, one of the leading suppliers of metal coil coating services has been applying protective and decorative coatings to their customers steel and aluminum coils, using a continuous process coating …

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