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Trucent Purification Service Program Saves Engine Manufacturer Nearly $700,000/Yr!

When an engine crankshaft manufacturer had coolant filtration needs, they employed Trucent’s Purification Service Program, and it saved them $679,500 per year!

The manufacturer had fine particulate and insoluble material contamination in their coolant, which was causing an inadequate flow, resulting in too much part scrap, premature machine tool wear, even catastrophic tool failure, and production throughput reduction.

These issues were costing the company a lot of money! After Trucent analyzed the problem, they implemented their Purification Service Program, which provides all the necessary equipment, technology, and on-site staffing to manage this on-going filtration process.

Trucent’s solution continually keeps the coolant clean, which has eliminated the tool plugging issues, excessive wear, and failures, resulting in a tremendous net savings to the manufacturer of nearly $700,000 per year.

Trucent provides cost saving equipment and solutions for all types of coolant and industrial fluids filtration, recycling and reclamation.

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