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Trucent Saves Metal Stamper Over $100,000 Per Year!

When a metal stamper’s oil-based stamping fluid was being contaminated with water-based blankwash, they called Trucent. Their situation was causing them to dispose of and replace 5,000 gallons of stamping fluid per quarter at a great expense. Today, Trucent goes to the customer with our Mobile Oil Purification Truck, equipped with a Centrifuge and Dehydration Unit, that removes the water and particulate contamination on site.

Not only does this solve the problem, but it reduces downtime, eliminates a common “dimples and pimples” quality issue, and it saves the customer $108,000 annually! Trucent provides cost saving solutions for all your oil reclamation and industrial fluid filtration needs!

You don’t have to waste another day operating with dirty fluids! The Solution is Simple…Call Trucent Now!

Clean Fluid. Works Better. Lasts Longer.

Closeup of metal stamping equipment with words Trucent Saves Metal Stamper $100,000/yr! Mobile Oil Purification & Reclamation

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