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Centrifuges Help Metalworking Company Save $400,000 Per Year!

A transmission component supplier was losing large amounts of metalworking fluid before the fluid could reach their existing purification system. The supplier had 48 independent machine tools, each equipped with its own sump and each performing tasks that produced a high volume of metalworking fluid. The centralized purification system was unable to keep up with the demand, so new fluids were being pumped in to maintain purity levels. This caused the individual machines to overflow and that valuable metalworking fluid was draining into their waste treatment system. Trucent analyzed the situation and solved it with two centrifuge units that efficiently removed the solid and liquid contaminants, and returned clean coolant back to the individual machines for reuse. This reclamation of coolant resulted in a documented annual savings of $400,000, as well as a reduction in waste treatment and water usage. Trucent now maintains and adjusts the equipment for optimal purification and to keep the system running efficiently and effectively.

Full Case Study – Metalworking Reclaim Saves 400K (PDF, 88K)

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