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Laboratory Testing Capabilities

At CentraSep®, we want to make sure you end up with the correct solution for your application whether that is our CentraSep unit or not. In fact, we won’t sell you a CentraSep machine unless we are convinced it will service your needs efficiently.

That’s why we offer complete laboratory testing capabilities to determine if our CentraSep unit is an appropriate solution for your needs. We offer several types of testing:

  • Sample Evaluation
    Send us 10 gallons of your process liquids and solids, and we’ll run it through our laboratory testing. Based upon our observed results, we can often tell if CentraSep is the best solution for your company.
  • Complete Evaluation
    For a complete evaluation, send us 100 gallons of your process liquids and solids, and we will run it through an actual CentraSep machine. From information gathered through this testing process, we develop a report that analyzes the performance of the CentraSep in your application.
  • Third-party Lab Analysis
    Our results can be independently evaluated through a third-party lab analysis. This lab analysis generates more specific test results. This third-party analysis is available for all our test findings.

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