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What You Should Know

CentraSep knows that the most important part of finding the best centrifugation system is knowing what to ask while you compare products and services.

When considering centrifugation, ask these questions:

  1. Are all components that come in contact with the fluid 316 stainless steel?
  2. Does the unit have to be manually cleaned?
  3. Once started, is the operation fully automatic, including solids discharge?
  4. How efficient is the solids removal process? Is there excess capacity if the size of your waste stream changes?
  5. Are the bearings high life/heavy duty rated? Are they isolated from all potential fluid exposure?
  6. Does the blade design aid efficient scraping?
  7. Is the system designed with the absolute minimum number of moving components?
  8. What are the number of drive belts, chains, motors and other potential failure/maintenance points?
  9. Does it have a positive locking non-slip clutch?
  10. Is the system designed for ease of maintenance/rotor change out?
  11. Does the downtime for rotor exchange exceed 10 minutes?
  12. Does the warranty cover every part of the machine? Does it cover the life of the machine?
  13. Are upgrades included under the warranty?
  14. What are the spare parts requirements?
  15. Is the PLC operating system designed to prevent the centrifuge from shaft breakage, overload or vibration damage?
  16. Is it a “smart”, self-tuning machine?
  17. Do you service the centrifuge on-site, or do I have to ship it back to you?
  18. Can I have customer references for your reliability and service?
  19. Do you have a satisfaction guaranteed try-buy rental program? How does it work?

Know before you decide. Contact CentraSep today to find the best system for your centrifugation solution.

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