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The CentraSep® Process

Positive Locking Clutch

Before the process cycle on the CentraSep industrial centrifuge, the positive locking clutch couples the blade assembly to the bowl drive. This patented clutch design ensures that the blade assembly rotates at the same speed as the bowl, keeping the fluids flowing smoothly. The single motor is linked to the main spindle via a single chevron-style timing belt and pulley design that prevents any slippage.

CentraSep Working in Situations with Multiple Fabrication Machines

Process Cycle

As the process cycle begins, the variable frequency drive rapidly accelerates the rotor assembly to the required processing speed. Dirty fluid is then pumped through the injector tube, where an accelerator forces it into the rotating bowl. The blade assembly eliminates slip while the centrifugal force extracts solids and packs them to the bowl wall. As more dirty fluid enters the bowl, clean fluid is forced out through the bowl mouth.

Scrape Cycle

At the end of the process cycle, the feed pump is turned off and the variable frequency drive rapidly decelerates the bowl to a smooth stop. The positive locking clutch uncouples the blade assembly from the bowl drive and locks it into a fixed position. The bowl is then rotated while the blades scrape the bowl wall, discharging the packed particulate into a collection receptacle, located directly beneath the CentraSep. When the bowl is clean, the positive locking clutch uncouples the blade assembly from the bowl drive and the process cycle begins again. The entire operation is automated, requiring no operator attendance.

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