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Washer Application Case Study

Almost any industrial process, especially an industrial process where the end product is painted or coated, goes through a washer tank, so CentraSep is used in a variety of washer applications. One such example is an Illinois manufacturer that makes oil filter cans for the heavy equipment industry. This manufacturer was having a serious issue with production downtime that was affecting productivity. The reason for the downtime was that their paper media system, particularly their filter bags, were incapable of filtering the tanks well enough and caused them to shut the line down once a week for an entire day for tank cleanouts. The company has two identical lines, so each line was losing a day per week for this cleanout.

The manufacturer was looking for a three-pronged solution. First, they wanted a media-free, no-operator-attention-required filtration system. Secondly, they wanted the ability to process both lines with the same unit. Thirdly, the company wanted to maintain the current chemistry on their production line.

This solution required sophisticated engineering on CentraSep’s part. Each line was composed of a wash tank and a rinse tank. The concern was cross-contamination between the rinse and wash tanks. A filter system was required that was able to process both the wash tanks and the rinse tanks without contaminating the wash tanks with the rinse water. CentraSep’s advanced programming allowed us to design, engineer and develop a system that accomplished all of the company’s objectives, including elimination of the cross-contamination issue. This system has been used in production for over a year, saving the company significant downtime, labor, filter media and chemical costs, while increasing production.

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