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Operating Capabilities and Features

The CentraSep industrial centrifuge is designed to protect all rotating and electrical components from overload conditions. To accomplish this, we utilize sophisticated PLC programming, coupled with an accelerometer, for continuous vibration monitoring and advanced drive controls. PLC programming maintains optimum operating machine conditions at all times.

Additional Operating/Design Features

  • Patented positive locking clutch for maximum efficiency
  • Patent pending inlet water presence sensing capability to prevent pump from running dry
  • Three-level parameter control password protection
  • Large bottom feed injector tube to prevent inlet plugging
  • Large mouth bottom clean discharge eliminates clean fluid plugging
  • Patent pending tangential port
  • ABB direct drive variable frequency drive control
  • Bearings completely isolated from fluid chamber

Low Maintenance Features

  • One semi-annual lubrication point
  • Simple single motor design
  • Few moving parts
  • Rotor change out in less than 10 minutes
  • Self-aligning, non-stretch drive belt
  • Quick coupled pneumatic cylinders
  • Long-life bearing assembly- situated on rotor assembly. Never comes in contact with process fluids, greatly extending bearing life and reliability.

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